New routes, airline developments, brand-new planes and breaking records: aviation always has captivating news to offer. However, aviation media is not immune to the tectonic shifts that impact all news providers. Worldwide tendencies show that only 42% of people now trust the news providers they use themselves*. The ever-increasing flow of information makes it hard to understand which news are to make an impact and which developments will determine the way we will fly in the future. Thus, innovation, passion for aviation and industry expertise is playing an increasingly important role in today’s aviation news media.

The height of general aviation news media and reporting has passed. Today’s reader is interested in more than just keeping up with the constant flow of information. While globally 62% of people remain satisfied with news providers on keeping them up to date, only half (51%) feel that publishers help them understand the news*. On top of that, habits of social media usage now also transcend into news consumption ‒ being connected to other professionals in a specific field and their distinctive viewpoints play an increasingly important role. As an example of AeroTime aviation news portal shows, innovative solutions can help to address these concerns and combine the needs that can appear contradictory at the first sight.

In early 2018, AeroTime News Hub implemented a number of strategic changes, ranging from inclusion to the list of Google News Publishers to introducing new functionalities, namely the contributing author option. As a result, within a year (from June 2018 to June 2019) the aviation news provider has grown by 172% and remains on a steady growth course. One of the reasons why the new model received an overwhelming support from aviation enthusiasts is because AeroTime saw a demand for objective, fact-driven reporting while still providing a medium for our peers to be able to share insight.

A team of professional journalists continues to keep an eye on the pace of the aviation industry, ensuring that objective content is backed by in-depth research and data. In addition, the news reporting is also complemented by insights from industry professionals and contributing experts. This option eliminates the need for the reader to switch on-and-off between trade news sites and their peers’ profiles on social media, to create a comprehensive view on the developments in the industry.

In an age of information overload, nearly a third (32%) of the world’s citizens tend to actively avoid the news. One of the main reasons for this – the incessant negative content of general news media coverage.* The aviation industry, on the other hand, promises new heights in technology and innovation, new records to be broken, astonishing new aircraft designs, and connectivity as never before. Thus, the main mission of AeroTime remains to make reading news about flying as exciting as flying itself while providing a real understanding of how the industry works.

*Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019.

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