SimHelp - FFS Maintenance ServicesSimHelp started collaboration with Ostrich Software Ltd. Two companies sealed their partnership with two contracts, according to which SimHelp clients’ host computer system support and renewal services will be provided by Ostrich Software Ltd.

Ostrich Software Ltd. will provide SimHelp clients with host computer system technical support services for such models of host computers: all models of SEL /Gould /Encore, Concurrent 32/2000 and 3280MPS, all PDP-11 Digital models, all Harris Nighthawk models, Link GP-4, Xerox Sigma 3 and 5, VME SBC of CETIA and Motorola, Rediffusion R2000A. 

Also Ostrich Software Ltd. will implement system’s renewals for EGPWS, Traffic Collision and Advisory Systems (TCAS), 8.33 KHz VHF Communications, Instructor’s Operating stations (IOS), Ground Station Data (GSD) Compilers and Servers, GPS/GNSS, Electronic Quality Test Guide (eQTG) Systems. 

‘Before choosing a partner, firstly we make comprehensive survey making sure that this partnership would be valuable not only for both partnership sides, but also, and mostly important, for our clients. Vincent Rich from Ostrich Software Ltd. is one of the most experienced and well known specialists in simulation market. Such strong partner is vital for our clients’ businesses’, comments new partnership SimHelp Manager Gediminas Talacka.

‘SimHelp gives us a great opportunity for building a larger customer base by utilizing all of their marketing and promotional efforts. While cooperating with SimHelp, Ostrich Software is able to sharply focus on what we do best – upgrading and replacing simulator’s avionics systems, said Vincent Rich, Managing Director at Ostrich Software Limited.’

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