SimHelp - Full Flight Simulator MaintenanceThe BAA Training’s branch, which specializes in full flighyout simulators maintenance and repair services, has prepared the list of TOP 10 problems, faced by full flight simulators engineers.

  1. The part needed is out of stock or not being manufacturing any longer, the alternative part has to be found.
  2. Lack of knowledge on how to perform the operation needed.
  3. Lack of engineers in the shift to complete the task in a clockwork manner.
  4. High risk of causing new unexpected problems during the repair process due to sensibility and fragility of the particular parts of the equipment.
  5. Procrastination by the company’s management to invest extra money to breakdown prevention, mainly caused by high simulators parts and services prices.
  6. Lack of special equipment needed.
  7. Engineers’ fatigue caused by night shifts.
  8. Lack of pure time for repair and maintenance services due to orientation to achieving commercial goals by maximizing the number of the simulators’ slots to clients.
  9. Lack of experienced specialists globally.
  10. Costs raised by hiring foreign professionals.

SimHelp encourages engineer community to take part into the survey by choosing their 3 most important problems from the list, writing their numbers (e.g. 2, 5, 7) and emailing them to You may also add your practical examples of the problem occurrence in your organization, such as “while changing the electronic panel of the GOULD computer, it is very easy to ruin the contact needles due to their fragility (Problem Number 4)” or, for instance, “FMS Data Loader was lacking to perform the operation (Problem Number 6)”. Please note, if it is an anonymous submission or you would like to mention the title of your organization. All stories will be published on, the best one will be awarded by a special SimHelp prize. The winner will be selected by the number of likes at SimHelp‘s LinkedIn group, which can be accessed by following the link

SimHelp initiates the cycle of engineers problem solving articles. The second material published will be concentrated on the solutions to be applied to solve the problems mentioned above and submitted by worldwide full flight simulators’ engineers.

SimHelp services include integrated technical maintenance, simulator upgrades, parts repair, spare parts supply, renewals, relocation, sales and consultancy provision for aviation training centers from all around the world. Company connects more than 300 engineers’ team throughout the world.

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