Since its launch just few months ago, the Cadet Pilot Program has been receiving more and more attention. The Pilot Training/Educational Cadet Program and the Line Training Program have already been joined by 9 pilots from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, the Great Britain and the Netherlands. The programs will not only enable pilots to gain the B737 CL or A320 type of qualification and more than 500 hours of flying experience but will also allow them to enjoy a pilot career in airlines for at least 6 years. Another 200 candidates are waiting for the next screening to begin.


After passing a number of specialized tests and structured interviews with the screening committee, pilots lacking the B737 type of qualification have already joined the program. In two months’ time, according to the program they will gain the Boeing 737 CL type rating. After passing the exams (the ATPL theory, an interview and a 30 minutes’ test in a real flight simulator) they will be employed by airlines as the second pilots in command and will have the right to operate an aircraft for at least 500 hours. Two more pilots who already have their Boeing 737 CL type rating will start flying from April 2012. So far, the screening of pilots wishing to obtain the A320 type of qualification has been passed by 3 candidates.


“Having in mind the highly unstable economic situation and the growing unemployment rate among the ATPL pilots, an inexperienced pilot has practically zero chance of finding a job in Europe because airlines are reluctant to employ people lacking experience. No wonder that the program has received a lot of attention from potential pilots since its day one. Currently we have already accepted 11 participants; however, we are planning to embrace a total of 25-35 cadets.  The key benefit of the program is the full package of services it provides. Its participants receive an opportunity to gain all three – the desired qualification, flight training and a job offer.  It all adds up to at least 6 years of secure career development,” says the CEO of Skaiste Knyzaite.


The young cadet Alberto Patino explains his choice to join the program by the limited opportunities to continue line training and receive a particular type of aircraft qualification right after initial pilot studies. His decision to participate in the program was determined by the fact that is currently the only company in Europe that offers a full package of services. In his opinion, the main factor is that a pilot is not only able to receive 500 flying hours but also secure a job contract for at least several years.


“I had been looking for a job in and outside of Europe for quite a while – I had sent hundreds of CVs, for both the largest European airlines and regional carriers. However, despite having the best grades on your diploma, excellent language skills and perfect recommendations, regardless of the economic situation, the only chance for a young inexperienced pilot like me to get a job solely relies on such programs. In contrast to other companies offering similar programs, the does not require to cover the full amount of program tuition fees all at once. Instead, they offer a convenient payment option in the form of a loan. This is an exceptionally attractive option for many pilots who would otherwise struggle to continue their training and gain the desired qualification or have to postpone their studies due to financial reasons. It is an excellent way of solving the unemployment problem among young inexperienced pilots,” explained the cadet pilot A.Patino.


According to Mr.Patino, having in mind the current economic situation, the aviation personnel lease has become even more important as it enables airlines to continue providing uninterrupted services and helps to improve the situation in the pilot employment market.


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