BAA Training has spoken with the Flight Training Organization students about the paths that have led them to the classrooms of the pilot school. As it turned out, none of them came to the aviation studies straight after high school. It was only time and experience from previous jobs showed that dream of the becoming of pilot needed to be pursued ‘now or never’. Leaving all their previous activities behind, several interlocutors have shared their thoughts about the passion for aviation. Their journeys clearly prove that neither age nor educational background or working experience stand in the way of achieving the life-long dream.

Aircraft cockpit investigation

‘Before starting my career in aviation I was working in an investigation agency. Why did I suddenly turn to the sky heights? Aviation had always given me the sense of freedom so one day I decided to take on a real challenge. The most unexpected thing I have encountered so far is the acknowledgment of the fact that training in aviation is completely different from learning things at school. On the other hand, personality characteristics, such as strong will and self-confidence are not off the track,’ said Andrea Muro, a Private Pilot License student from Italy.

From the smell of golf court grass to the scent of jet fuel

‘I was a golf teacher for 7 years. I did not get enough satisfaction from doing the job so I turned back to my 13 year-old dream to become a pilot. I had this image of the pilot as the one who knew how to cope with stress and handle a lot of things at the same time. As perfect as it looks from aside, aviation studies are really hard – the amount of information you have to assimilate in a month is really above that once could expect,’ shared his experience Stephan van Leeuwen, an Airline Transport Pilot License integrated course student from the Netherlands.

The engineer’s profession leading to love for aviation

‘My educational background is in engineering but I am also a private pilot. In aviation I have worked as an operator, a technical inspector for several French airlines and civil aviation authorities regarding the performance of air navigation services. One day I decided to pursue my initial dream of becoming a pilot flying in the airlines because I believe that if you have the right motivation and a strong will to achieve your goals you are able achieve what  sometimes might initially look impossible,’ commented Bruno Modiri, an Airline Transport Pilot License integrated course student from France.

Passion for aviation wins over

‘My main interests lie in the fields of travelling, technology and science – aviation covers it all. Before coming to the pilot school I gained a degree in Physics and Science and had even worked as marketing event manager. Aviation studies require a lot of effort but it becomes easier when you understand that all this knowledge will be implemented in practice during a flight. I think every student who is passionate about aviation will be a successful pilot,’ encouragingly concluded John Joseph Kasimba Omolo, a Private Pilot License student from Kenya.

In the end of the conversation all students once again unanimously assured that if a person wanted to become a pilot there could be no obstacles to hold them back from pursuing the dream. Be good student in the high school, keep your motivation high, be ready to face positive and negative experiences – these are the advices shared by the people who have come from different backgrounds for one big reason.

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