TD WorldRecently, Laserpas participated in the American exhibition, Distributech, in San Antonio, Texas.  While at the exhibition Laserpas presented information about their newest product.  This innovative solution allows clients to conveniently see all of the information concerning their power lines from an online platform.  While at the exhibition, T&D World, the authoritative source for power-delivery professionals, saw Laserpas’s presentation and rated the product in the 10 most innovative solutions at the exhibition.

Laserpas’s CEO Mantas Vaskela has stated that Laserpas is so happy that others are able to see just how cutting-edge the technology and services are and hopes that this recognition will show current and potential clients how committed everyone at Laserpas are to providing unparalleled services.

T&D World is a news portal that is dedicated to providing those within the utility sector the most up-to-date information regarding integration and technological possibilities.  Recognition for innovation from T&D World is an impressive feat since they follow the sector so closely.

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