Klasjet Ensures The Highest Safety Standards From The Ground UpTo date, European business aviation company KlasJet has completed over 3500 flights and flown 45000 passengers safely to more than 80 countries and 200 airports worldwide.

While operating globally, since 2018, KlasJet has been seeing Africa as one of the most emerging markets. Therefore, its aircraft have already visited more than 10 countries and completed over 120 flights in the region.

Nevertheless, active operations of KlasJet are also seen in Middle East region with 9 countries reached and more than 190 flights completed.

AS a luxury service provider, KlasJet always places safety, security and wellbeing of its customers and staff above all else. 60 aviation experts working in KlasJet look after each and every client. The multilingual team is highly experienced in arranging every aspect of any flight itinerary for a seamless connection around the world. Available 24/7, our teams make every traveler's comfort and needs their highest priority. All KlasJet aircraft have an aviation engineer aboard providing additional comfort on international journeys while the flight crew of KlasJet adhere the most rigorous safety standards in the world. With KlasJet you can be sure that you are in the safest hands private aviation can offer.



Safety and security are essential traveling companions. KlasJet is proud to adapt the most advanced technologies and practices in business aviation:

  • Safety and Compliance department has a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) incorporating Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) across the entire fleet.
  • Flight Risk Assessment System assesses every single flight collecting data in a real-time view of the global safety.
  • All flights are assessed against a Control Risk Threat Level Zone Report, compiled from paramount sources.
  • Emergency Response Plan is in place of potential events of crises anywhere in the world.
  • The strict Industry Audit Standard of the EASA are met.
  • Effective policies and procedures and documented records are always in place.

All KlasJet’s aircrafts are maintained to meet and exceed the European safety standards set by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

KlasJet is also assessed by EU Ramp Inspection Programmes (SAFA/SACA), which are checked against EU standards. SAFA/SACA Ratio – Dated: 25/03/2020 is 0.31.

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