FL Technics Training spruces up its Online Training with a training management tool for industry employersFL Technics Training, a global provider of aviation technical training services, is delighted to announce further extension of its online EASA-compliant training platform. A recently introduced training management tool is designed specifically for MROs, airlines and other industry employers seeking to plan, track and manage the online training of their personnel more efficiently.
Being integrated with the Online Training platform, the new tool allows employers to create personal profiles for technicians, engineers, NDT-specialists and other employees in order to digitalize and consolidate the HR needs for online EASA-compliant courses. Moreover, the tool sends automatic reminders regarding all upcoming expiration dates when it comes to the relevant certificates of employees while allowing to track the performance of students during training and monitor the entire history of one’s online courses.

The training management tool provides employers with the possibility to form student groups and acquire relevant training in just a few clicks instead of performing lengthy ordering procedures for each employee separately. Following an order, the tool automatically sends invitations to the employees via e-mail or generates e-tickets which can be printed and shared manually. With either an E-invitation or a printed ticket, the company’s specialists will be able to sign onto the Online Training platform and receive the required course at the most convenient time and place. Upon the successful completion of a course, the employer receives digital certificates of completion for each of the student and, upon request, the relevant hard copies. 

“Online courses allow to achieve significant savings on travel-related costs, not to mention the time various specialists spend on training trips. Furthermore, Online Training offers Kestutis Volungevicius_Head of FL Technics Trainingvarious courses which can be received from anywhere at any time. One only needs an Internet connection and a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone”, shares Kestutis Volungevicius, the Head of FL Technics Training. “While the initial version of the Online Training was more suitable for individuals seeking to meet their personal training needs, the latest extension is designed specifically for those who manage the training of an entire organization, i.e. employers. We hope that the new tool will facilitate MROs, airlines and other industry companies with managing online training of their professionals while making the entire HR function run more smoothly and effectively.” 
Online Training™ was launched earlier this year and currently comprises a set of initial and continuing training courses in the areas of Human Factors and Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (Target Group 1-2 and 3-8). By the end of the year the platform is to be supplemented with additional courses, including the training on FTS Phase I and Phase II, FTS (continuation), Aviation Legislation i.a.w Part-66 M10, Aviation Legislation (continuation), Human Factors i.a.w Part-145 Initial, Safety Management Systems, IR Part-145 and IR Part-M areas. 

In order to gain access to the courses and/or learn more about Online Training™, please visit https://147training.com/.

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