FL Technics Training, an EASA Part-147 certified aircraft technical support training organization, which is part of FL Technics, continues to expand the long-term partnership and is now half-way through the four weeks’ maintenance course for Donavia specialists. The course for Donavia specialists that is entitled ‘Airbus A318/ A319/ A320/ A321 (CFM56) B2 Aircraft Type Theoretical Training Course’ is being conducted in Rostov-on-Don (the Russian Federation).

‘Donavia has been one of the major strategic partners for both FL Technics and FL Technics Training for many years now. We are extremely pleased that our highly qualified, experienced and multinational team have earned the trust of Donavia, one of the largest clients receiving tailor-made solutions from FL Technics. Airlines in Eastern Europe and the CIS are lately undergoing major changes, mainly to do with fleet renewal. As more and more Western type of aircraft reaches the region, we are feeling a sharp increase in the aircraft technical maintenance training demand for the most popular industry classics such as Boeing 737 CL and Airbus A320 as well as the most modern aircraft models including B737 NG or even Dreamliner,’ said the Deputy Head at FL Technics Training Dainius Sakalauskas.

The four-week length Airbus A318/ A319/ A320/ A321 aircraft maintenance training program will equip Donavia specialists with the knowledge necessary for carrying out aircraft technical support as a certified B2 aviation maintenance specialist. The course covers such topics as the thorough analysis of characteristics, operational specifications, components and breakdown elimination according to the established manual.

According to D. Sakalauskas, despite the increasing number of new generation aircraft orders, both Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 CL still remains the most popular types of aircraft in the world. According to the latest data, currently the number of newly ordered A318/ A319/ A320/ A321 types of aircraft is 8380, 4800 are already being exploited. Most of them are being operated in Europe and the CIS (1786), the Asian Pacific region (1329) and North America (870). Airlines in the Near East, Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa operate 205, 384 and 108 of such aircraft respectively. In Russia and across the CIS alone carriers exploit around 200 Airbus A320s. According to Airbus data, this year the companies have already placed orders for another 27 such aircraft.

FL Technics Training states that Airbus A320 maintenance training programs are no less popular than those for Boeing 737 CL and 737 NG. The company also offers maintenance courses for those wishing to become Airbus A 330/ A 340 / A 380, ATR 42 – 200/300, ATR 72 – 100/200, Boeing 737 – 300/400/500, Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900, Boeing 747, Boeing 757 – 200, Boeing 767 – 200/300, Boeing 777, Saab – 340,  Saab – 2000 and Bombardier CL-600-2B19 technical maintenance specialists.

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