FL Technics Training adds Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2) course to its Online Training platform FL Technics Training, a global provider of aviation technical training services, is delighted to announce further extension of its online EASA-compliant training platform. From now on, the company’s corporate and individual customers can order a Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2) specialized training, dedicated to personnel involved directly in the aircraft and fuel tank maintenance works. Accessible instantly from any location in the world, the course takes just about 5 hours and will be available already this week.

The new course covers a full set of issues related to the Fuel Tank Safety (Phase 2) training. The program will includes a short background, showing examples of the FTS accidents and incidents, the description of concept of fuel tank safety and Critical Design Configuration Control Limitations (CDCCL), the examples of manufacturer's documents showing the CDCCL items, the cases of FTS defects,  as well as the examples for maintenance instructions for inspection. As always, upon the successful completion of a course, the employer or an individual customer will receive a digital certificate of completion and, upon request, the relevant hard copy.

“Although the platform went online just about a year ago, our courses are already quite popular and highly evaluated by the customers for their quality, support speed andKestutis Volungevicius_Head of Engineering and Training at FL Technics comprehensiveness. Needless to day, they allow to achieve significant savings on travel-related costs, not to mention the time various specialists spend on training trips”, shares Kestutis Volungevicius, the Head of Engineering and Training at FL Technics. “Having introduced the new course based on the demand analysis made by our specialists, we are confident it will become a welcome addition to out existing courses, thus bringing our platform a step closer to becoming a one-stop-shop for online aviation training.”

Online Training™ is an Internet-based platform providing online EASA-compliant courses, launched in summer of 2014. The newly introduced course in yet another addition to a set of the already available initial and continuing training courses in the areas of Human Factors and Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (Target Group 1-2 and 3-8). By the end of the year the platform is to be supplemented with additional courses, including the training on FTS Phase I, Aviation Legislation i.a.w Part-66 M10, Aviation Legislation (continuation), IR Part-145 and IR Part-M areas.

In order to gain access to the courses and/or learn more about Online Training™, please visit https://147training.com/

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