FL Technics to design and retrofit Airbus A320s for Small Planet AirlinesFL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has announced signing an agreement with the European leisure air carrier Small Planet Airlines. According to the newly inked agreement, FL Technics shall carry out cabin re-design and refurbishment works on the carrier’s 13 Airbus A320s. The first fully retrofitted aircraft has been already delivered to the carrier. 

Based on the contract terms, FL Technics EASA Design Organization (EASA.21J.496) has presented its vision with regard to modern interior concept, developed and approved all relevant modification changes for the carpeting, new seats and logo installation on new partitions. Moreover, the company provided aircraft with new partitions and emergency equipment relocation services as well as supervised the production of the required elements. 

Since receiving the approval from the carrier with regard to all aspects concerning the new interior, FL Technics’ base maintenance, EASA Design Organization and spare parts supply teams have completed full cabin refurbishment for the first out of thirteen Small Planet Airlines’ aircraft. The works covered installation of brand new seats, upgrading of the cabin lighting system, replacement of FWD partitions and carpet fitting, unification of emergency equipment layout and mounting of a new decorative LED logo on the aircraft partition. The aircraft has been successfully re-delivered to the carrier, while the retrofit works on the remaining 12 aircraft are scheduled to be completed in the following 4 months. 

“It is a prodigious project and we are delighted to have completed the first stage without any difficulties along the way. Small Planet Airlines boasts a very distinct brand and FL Technics to design and retrofit Airbus A320s for Small Planet Airlinesstrong values that the company communicates to its clients. Knowing that, we are proud that the carrier has entrusted FL Technics with the task of developing and implementing its unique cabin design solutions. Such projects require a lot of cooperation between different specialists in order to meet the deadlines and the quality requirements and we are happy that experience in field of all FL Technics departments and their professionals was the key reason for Small Planet Airlines to choose our services,” comments Zilvinas Lapinskas, the CEO of FL Technics.

Small Planet Airlines is one of the Europe’s fastest growing leisure carriers with 18 Airbus A320 aircraft and plans to expand its fleet to as many as 21 aircraft by the end of this year. It flies European (including Great Britain, Poland, Lithuania, Italy, and Germany) and Asian passengers with multiple permanent bases across Europe and South-East Asia. 

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