FL Technics Spare Parts, a part of the global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services FL Technics, has recently purchased four Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft to be torn down for parts and components. The disassembled aircraft components will be used to establish a wide range of regional aircraft spare parts and components stock across Europe as well as to expand FL Technics warehouse portfolio capabilities.

The rocketing popularity of regional aircraft types around the world has prompted FL Technics to acquire four Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft thus responding to the increasing spare parts demand for this type of aircraft. Approx. 2300 dismantled aircraft components will form the FL Technics regional aircraft spare parts pool in the company’s warehouses in Europe. The sale of four Bombardier CRJ 200s to FL Technics, was arranged by GA Telesis who managed the aircraft for Wells Fargo as, Trustee for Bank of America Leasing and Capital, LCC. The aircraft will be torn down locally in the USA within 3-4 months.

‘Considering the dramatic shortage of Bombardier CRJ parts suppliers in Europe, our latest acquisition proves that we are developing along with the market demand. Currently there are about 20 carriers in Europe and the CIS operating Bombardier CRJ series aircraft. With the CRJ aircraft spare parts to supplement our stocks, we will offer the regional aircraft operators way more cost-effective and extensive supply solutions, based on our comprehensive PBH-programs,’ commented the Head of Components and Materials Sales Department at FL Technics Paulius Kavaliauskas.

With the head office, main technical facilities and its own stock based in Vilnius, as well as with stocks in Poland, Malaysia and Russia, FL Technics Spare Parts provides a wide range of spare parts solutions which cover sales, exchange and loans, consignment, PBH programs, component pool access, logistics, 24/7 AOG support, etc. The company offers technical support for aircraft spare parts, including aircraft and engine components as well as wheels & brakes, auxiliary power units (APUs), landing gear, in-flight entertainment systems (IFEs) and thrust reversers, structure elements and other parts.

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