FL Technics presents asset management support during engine lease and maintenanceFL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is further expanding its portfolio of engine management solutions by launching a new asset management support during engine lease and maintenance. The new service is mainly aimed at the company’s customers in the Middle East, the CIS and Asia Pacific.
In terms of its liveliness and potential, the market for Bombardier CRJ100/200 and Boeing 737 CL in the CIS, the Middle East and Asia is exceptionally attractive, as a lot of operators are still in the process of replacing their Soviet- or old Western-built fleets. As a result, in the CIS alone the worth of engine lease and repair market for CRJ100/200s has reached $120 million. In addition, the bankruptcy of several CIS operators is expected to introduce more Boeing 737CLs (including 737-400s, requiring powerful engine and in high-demand among cargo carriers) to the market, thus presenting attractive opportunities for niche players.
“A lot of operators consider this fleet as a temporary solution before switching to a modern one. That is why they often require more creative solutions, including on-wing repairs, engine exchange and long-term lease support, instead of the so called classic services. With this in mind, FL Technics has decided to launch a new product – engine asset management. Under the service, our experts will help the customers in emerging markets to plan, negotiate, and, eventually, get better conditions for engine lease and maintenance works,” comments Zilvinas Lapinskas, the CEO of FL Technics.


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