FL Technics Jets, a company offering complex business jets technical maintenance solutions, continues to expand its production capabilities by introducing technical maintenance services for Hawker BAe-125 series NLG/MLG aircraft wheels and brakes.

‘Wheel and brake workshops operating in Europe can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Most of the business jets are serviced in the United Kingdom, Germany or Switzerland. In the meantime, in Eastern Europe clients have been often faced with the lack of reputable wheel and brake maintenance centres. After adding the specialized Hawker aircraft wheel and brake shop into its portfolio, FL Technics Jets has made a significant step towards ensuring that markets located in at least 1500 km radius from the newly opened workshop gain access to high quality diverse business jets maintenance solutions. We are strongly focused on providing services that have the best price and quality ratio. Our team works very hard towards becoming the largest business jets line and base maintenance services provider in Eastern and Central Europe,’ says the CEO of FL Technics Jets Darius Saluga.

FL Technics Jets

According to D.Saluga, generally speaking the wheel and brake workshop has the capacity to change approx. 10000 wheels and provide 1500 brakes maintenance services per year. These include testing, repair, overhaul and changing tyres. A single typical wide-body aircraft alone requires around 70 tyre changes, 15 tyre repairs and 10 brake heat pack replacements a year.

FL Technics Jets experts have observed that lately the number of private jets in the world is on an uptrend, especially in such markets as Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). By 2021 total sales and the expected 10000 business class aircraft deliveries all over the world are anticipated to reach the value of USD 230 billion. 5000 of these jets should be delivered to their owners by 2016 while the demand for business jets in Russia and the CIS should reach 500, in Europe – almost 2000 by the end of this decade.

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