FL Technics introduces technical asset management for aircraft owners and investorsFL Technics, a global provider of one-stop-shop aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, is pleased to announce the recent launch of technical asset management services. The company shall provide comprehensive technical support and consulting for aircraft buyers, owners and investors with little or no knowledge in technical aspects of aircraft operation. 

With the introduction of technical asset management assistance, the list of FL Technics services for companies includes but is not limited to regular analysis of the technical condition of aircraft and its major components, systematic estimation of the aircraft state and its market value, regular annual aircraft inspection during the entire period of lease and document digitalization. The main types of aircraft supported by the company in terms of the aforementioned services include Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737 CL/NG, 757, 767, 777 and Bombardier CRJ200. Moreover, the company offers comprehensive delivery and re-delivery inspections, continuing airworthiness management and other services traditionally included into the FL Technics service package.

“It is safe to say that the demand for such services is very high, since leasing companies own around 40% of the global fleet. Furthermore, an increasing number of players from Zilvinas Lapinskas, CEO of FL Technicsoutside aviation consider aircraft as a viable alternative to the stock market. After all, it is a relatively low-risk and very stable investment, which can generate up to 10-15% ROI,” comments Zilvinas Lapinskas, the CEO at FL Technics. ”Nevertheless, many leasing companies as well as investors outside the sector commonly lack the capabilities and knowledge in the field of technical aircraft management. As a result, failure to take into account multiple hidden risks often leads to unexpected costs of poorly managed aircraft which, in turn, may lead to losses worth up to EUR 150 000 plus the ground time while the aircraft is being returned to the airworthy condition. The technical asset management services offered by the company are aimed directly at helping these companies to not only avoid the aforementioned costs but also secure up to 1% higher value of their asset. In other words, with the help of FL Technics experience and global network, leasing companies can rest assured that the value and condition of their assets is safe and focus entirely on their primary services.”

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