FL Technics extends Enter Air cooperation and signs new wheels & brakes pool agreementFL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, and Enter Air, the leading charter airline in Poland operating a fleet of 17 Boeing 737-400 and 737-800 aircraft, is further developing the business relationship. The parties have recently agreed upon extending two of the existing PBH agreements as well as signed a brand new wheels & brakes support contract. 

The partnership between the two companies started back in 2010 following the signing of the first PBH agreement concerning the support of three Boeing 737s. The contract was then succeeded by another PBH agreement and, most recently, the wheels and brakes support deal. Under the terms of the agreement, FL Technics shall provide the carrier’s Boeing 737-400 fleet with wheels and brakes support as well as the associated repair and overhaul services under the charge per aircraft landing programme. 

“We strive to continuously increase our share of the spare parts support market in numerous regions. The recent move Aldas Juronis, Head of FL Technics Components and Materials Sales Deptowards total component support programme with the biggest charter carrier in Poland is without a doubt an important step towards executing this goal,” commented Aldas Juronis, the Head of Components and Materials Sales Department at FL Technics. “The complexity of different part maintenance has always been a challenge for most players in the industry. Finding a single reliable partner capable of taking care of all the components is a tough, however, highly cost-effective and considerably more convenient solution. That is why an increasing number of companies tend to shift towards total component support and seek trusted partners with solid experience and well developed partner networks. We are very glad that one of our most loyal PBH clients Enter Air has chosen us to support their Boeing 737-400 fleet with wheels and brakes services under the CPAL programme.”

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