FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has purchased its first 8 years old Boeing 737 Next Generation to be torn down for parts and components. This acquisition will enable FL Technics to expand its product range with spare parts and components stocks across Europe, the CIS and Asia-Pacific for Boeing 737 New Generation aircraft.

The continuous popularity of the aircraft within the airline industry has prompted FL Technics to acquire a Boeing 737 NG airframe in order to meet the clients’ increasing spare parts demand for this type of aircraft. Approx. 1500 dismantled aircraft components, including the avionic components, emergency equipment, flight controls, interior elements, APU and many others, will expand the FL Technics aircraft spare parts pool in the company’s warehouses in Warsaw, Vilnius, Kuala Lumpur and Moscow. The tear down will begin shortly after the aircraft will be delivered to the dismantling facilities in the USA.

‘Considering that Boeing 737 NG is a relatively young aircraft model, the fact that the first aircraft was dismantled only two years ago is not surprising. Nowadays there is a dramatic shortage of the dismantled B737 NG aircraft components’ suppliers around the world, thus the decision to acquire the aircraft for tear down was only natural. With these new components to supplement our comprehensive PBH programs, we will be able to help air carriers and their MRO providers to significantly reduce their supply chain related costs, especially considering the elevating prices for the original aircraft components,’ commented the CEO of FL Technics Jonas Butautis.

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