A dream to become a pilot requires a lot of determination, stamina and belief that all hard studies someday will pay-off by working one of the most exciting job in the world. BAA Training dedicates this article for Ab initio students who after intensive year started what they all have been waiting for – first solo flights.

Part 1. It all have started with… a dream

‘Once when I was a child during the flight I have started to show whims. To calm me down a pilot took me to the cockpit. As I entered the cockpit, I immediately forgot everything I was crying about. When I came back to my father, I said: ‘I will become a pilot because they are the kindest people in the world’, said Anatoly Anyskin, CPL modular student at BAA Training.

‘I did not get enough satisfaction from the jobs I had been doing before so I turned back to my 13 year-old dream to become a pilot. I had this image of the pilot as the one who knew how to cope with stress and handle a lot of things at the same time‘, commented Stephan van Leeuwen, ATPL integrated student.

Part 2. Going through hard theory studies

‘You have to be very focused on what you are doing – be self-disciplined, put a lot of effort, be ready to receive a flow of new information’, commented Andrea Mura, PPL student at BAA Training.

‘Sometimes studying gets really hard but I always believed that what I perceive is crucial for implementing my dream – flying’, said John Joseph Kasimba Omolo, PPL student at BAA Training.

Part 3. First solo flights

‘The first flight was quiet a challenge because of the cross-wind. But still when you are up in the sky you feel a complete freedom. As soon as I come back home, I will start preparing for the tomorrow’s flight’, commented Maksim Daniliuk, ATPL integrated student.

‘I was having an unusual feeling, but very soon I got used to it. Flying is perfect – more than I expected’, said Anvar Khamroev, ATPL integrated student.

Students who came from various countries with different mentalities proved that nothing is impossible – the dream of being able to enjoy the world from the sky has conquered all hesitations and fatigues. As upcoming spring was getting closer, most of the Ab Initio school visitors could see that students’ faces have brightened up. The first flights renewed the desire to continue studies with regenerated gear.

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