There is no doubt in the role of aviation in connecting people around the world and accelerating globalization. As competition increases in the industry with people wanting cheaper flights and regulations for aircrafts and airport security becoming stricter, flying commercially in recent times has somewhat become an inconvenience. No one enjoys arriving to the airport sometimes hours in advance before the flight, standing in lines for check-ins and security checks and afterward boarding the plane with hundreds of people. There is, however, an alternative to that – flying private, whether it is for business reason or for your own leisure time. By booking chartered flights and flying private with a company such as KlasJet, you enjoy a number of benefits including convenience, comfort and saving you precious time.

Avoid additional headaches and keep in mind the convenience

To begin with, if chartered flights do not require for you to arrive at the airport hours in advance and go through the whole process. Instead, you can arrive at the airport much closer and to your departure time, directly to your aircraft, and avoid the long lines either for check-ins or security checks. While you are still required to go through some security checks, they are not nearly as strict if you were to fly commercially. Additionally, you are not restricted with you luggage size and weight, and you are allowed to bring all of your luggage aboard, thus avoiding the possibility of losing or damaging your personal belongings. Though there are still some limitations, you are not as nearly restricted with the content of your luggage as you would be on a commercial flight.

Another thing to consider is your well-being and health. By saving all that time and not having to go through all of the procedures, you will be much more relaxed both mentally and physically. Besides, no one wants to get sick or catch a disease, especially if you are going on a business trip or on a vacation. Keep in mind that while you are at the airport and on the airplane itself, you are, even if not directly, interacting with hundreds of people who might be sick or have an infectious disease, consequently putting your health at risk as well. Those risks are eliminated while flying private.

Endless room for comfort during your flight

There is quite a number of features on a private plane that were designed to make your flight a unique and comfortable experience. Flying on a commercial plane, especially for taller people, is a very demanding process, as the room is limited to fit more seats and passengers. Each seat on a private plane is custom made with high quality materials and there is plenty of room for you to enjoy the time while you reach your destination. Entertainment systems which include TV’s among other amenities, can be used either for your leisure time or for business purposes, to spend the time in the air productively. High quality meals and drinks are available on board and a committed flight will always be ready fulfill your needs.

A number of reports, which analyzed company employees as well as sports teams travelling with a chartered flights, revealed that flying private greatly reduces travel fatigue, saves energy, keeps the mind and body well rested and increases on-flight productivity. Additionally, for athletes it meant increased athletic performance which leads to a higher chance of winning.

If you value your time, health, well-being, convenience and comfort, consider flying private with KlasJet for your next business trip or vacation.

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