On the 24th of May BAA training launched the seminar cycle ‘Pilot Talks’ in Moscow. The first presentation entitled ‘Can you become a pilot? Do your homework before choosing a Flight School’ addressed the issues relevant to everyone considering the career of a pilot. All 27 participants were given the opportunity to receive all pilot profession-related information and learn about the first steps necessary to take in order to lay the foundations for a successful career as a pilot.

‘The Russian youth interested in a pilot’s profession usually already hold university degrees, commonly in engineering or aircraft mechanics. However, this new sphere raised many questions for all participants – everyone was thirsty for knowledge, the topics discussed were ranging from the differences of medical requirements in Europe and Russia to the particularities of a pilot’s everyday life. The successful start of the seminar cycle and entirely positive feedback is indeed very encouraging. We are committed to maintaining the high standards of our services and developing our activities in that direction even further,’ commented Marius Brazys, the FTO Sales Project Manager at BAA training.

The topic that received the most interest during the seminar was the personal character traits needed in order to become a successful pilot. The participants were wondering what the main purpose of the candidate evaluation test was and why it was so important not only for the candidates but also for pilot training organizations. The seminar attendees were also introduced to the most reliable self-analysis techniques and the most desirable personal characteristics, such as thinking style, behavioural traits and occupational interests in the aviation industry. The theoretical part of the seminar was livened up by real examples from the pilots’ everyday lives whilst the comments about working hours and resting periods were seconded by a real pilot sitting in the audience.

‘We applaud the initiative to organize such seminars in various countries. During this particular seminar not only did we receive detailed answers to all our questions but also firmly made our minds up about becoming pilots. Now we feel that we have the sufficient knowledge to choose the most suitable aviation training program and are aware of the personal skills still in need of improvement,’ commented the seminar participants Alexey and Stanislav from Moscow.

The seminars are planned to be held from May to December in the following cities across Europe: Sankt – Petersburg (Russia), Madrid (Spain), Warsaw (Poland), Lisbon (Portugal), Milan (Italy), Vilnius (Lithuania) and Stockholm (Sweden).

The upcoming seminars will not only cover all major pilot training topics but will also address the pilots who have already graduated from aviation schools. The BAA training-organized seminars include the organized training sessions for advanced pilots (TRTO) covering such topics as how to choose the right type of aircraft; how to pick the best aviation training centre; how to organize a job interview with airlines and to prepare oneself for it.

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