BAA TrainingThe aviation training centre BAA Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) had successfully launched seminars ‘Pilot Talks’ in Barcelona and Madrid. During the events pilots were introduced to the main aspects of aviation which were supplemented by practical tasks and a speech made by a representative from Volotea airlines.

All 27 pilots-beginners could enjoy a theory part which was followed by a workshop consisting of such tasks as selecting the most popular aircraft for the particular markets, choosing one type rating training organization from the list of fake school profiles, and creating a proper CV according to all the requirements of airlines.

‘According to feedback, pilots noticed that seminars were based on educational background, not on commercial. It was the result we had been aiming for from the very beginning of the project. BAA Training but also as a market that can help pilots to make the right decisions for a successful professional career easier,’ commented Ausra Garuckaite, a Self-Sponsored Pilot Project Manager.

A Spanish aviation expert Gianfranco Giacchetti, the Flight Director at Volotea, spoke about relevant country’s aviation issues such as airline requirements for a pilot–candidate, questions that can be asked during an interview and peculiar situations that can occur during the process of employment.

‘The participants were attentively listening to the provided information which was very well prepared and exclusive since it showed the perspective of an organization that has a deep knowledge of the pilots´ job market, the current airline industry hiring and training processes. I am sure that these seminars will have an impact on pilots who have taken part in them’, said Gianfranco Giacchetti, Director of Flight Operations at Volotea.

The events took place in Madrid on the 7th and in Barcelona on the 8th of September. The participants’ experience ranged from beginners to several pilots who already had type ratings on different aircraft types.

‘The presentation was very focused on our future jobs as pilots and the future market overview in general. It was very refreshing that, compare to the other seminars, BAA Training did not try to sell type rating training. The representative spoke the truth and it made you to really develop better confidence in the academy,’ said Fernando Fernander Sancher, the participant of seminar.

The next seminar of BAA Training-organized lecture cycle ‘Pilot Talks’ is taking place in Bartolini Air FTO premises, Pilska 4 st., Lodz (Poland) at 10:00am on the 22nd of September, 2012.

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