Aviation Line Training - BAA TrainingBAA Training focuses on further development of line training program. Recently five of the BAA Training students have been selected and placed with Small Planet Airlines line training with Airbus A320 aircraft type. A number of our best academy’s students are planned to be placed with Boeing B737 CL in the period of few months.

Airlines require a certain amount of flight hours to be able to apply for the pilot job, therefore the line training becomes vital for those who seek to start flying as a first officer. From years of experience and  number of enquiries received by BAA Training it is clear that line training positions are very rare and can only be gained by students who show best results both in their academic and practical knowledge.

‘It’s a great opportunity to start as a line pilot. Unfortunately, opportunities like this are very rare, and I am very proud of myself for getting here. Of course it demanded a lot of work, study and sleepless nights, but without effort we don’t reach our own goals’, comments line training opportunity Luís Carvalho the former BAA Training student.

BAA Training focuses on the student needs, and the line training program is the priority for those who are seriously preparing for the pilot career. At this point we are doing all that we can to be able to fulfil this need. The line training opportunity given for our students is the result of great efforts and hard work of our students and our academy. We understand the importance of providing support to our students throughout their career – from the type rating training all the way to helping them get their dream job’, commented Egle Vaitkeviciute, the CEO at BAA Training.

Up to this date BAA Training has trained more than 15,000 aviation professionals. Training course completion certificates issued by BAA Training  are valid in the European Union, Israel, Brazil, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bulgaria and Tajikistan. Company’s clients range from Scandinavia to Western Europe, CIS countries, Middle East, Latin America and India, including such airlines as, Nordwind, Condor, Avion Express, White Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways and Cubana airlines.

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