BAA TrainingBAA Training presents the first webinar dedicated to persons of various age who are considering to become commercial aviation pilots. The webinar entitled ‘Occupation: pilot. What exactly does it mean?’ will be released on the 8th of January (Tuesday) at 15:00 UTC/GMT time.

After the series of four webinars designed for individuals already experienced in piloting, BAA Training takes an initiative to present a webinar from Ab Initio training perspective. The upcoming webinar presents key issues concerning potential students such as entry requirements, the necessary skills and behavioural traits, candidate assessment procedures and the outlook for a pilot’s job itself.

‘As the issue of the looming pilot shortage worldwide is one of the most common discussion topics in the aviation world, pilot’s career seems to be highly promising. However, being a pilot involves a great deal of responsibility and requires very specific skills, such as spatial orientation or the ability to work under pressure. Therefore, before calling in for the application process it is beneficial to gather all the information about the job itself including the required abilities and personal attributes as well as the main characteristics of the job. During the webinar we will also present the structure of the candidate assessment procedure as well as reveal the areas which should be taken into account when applying for aviation studies’, commented Ausra Garuckaite, Project Manager at BAA Training.

BAA Training will carry on its webinar initiative throughout 2013 by presenting 12 webinars during the year. The upcoming topics will include Ab Initio and Type rating training issues, such as how different weather conditions may affect a flight.

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