BAA TrainingBAA Training brings a unique perspective to webinars by releasing a video-based material entitled ‘BAA Training: How to survive an engine failure?’. The webinar incorporates footage from Boeing 737 CL full flight simulator session as well as a brief explanation of performed procedures. The webinar will be released on 25th of September at 13:00 Dubai time (UTC/GMT +4 hours) and will only be accessible to registered participants.

The webinar footage is composed of a full flight simulator session in which crew has to solve two challenging tasks – engine failure during the take off and fire when the aircraft is approaching the runaway. Right after the release, attendees will be able to post real-time questions that will be answered by an experienced instructor who has supervised the session

‘We wanted to make a webinar session more practice-based and more user-friendly. That is why we took an initiative to release a pre-made footage from full flight simulator that allows viewers to rewind, even watch twice, if needed, and then get the real-time answers from an instructor’ ─ commented Virginija Dudenaite, Self-Sponsored Pilot Manager at BAA Training

‘How to survive an engine failure’ is a part of brand new webinar series presented by BAA Training. The next webinar will examine the importance of English language and Crew Resource Management courses in aviation and will be released at the end of October.

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