The aviation training centre BAA Training has released the first part of the documentary entitled ‘3 Planes – 6 Countries – 2000 Kilometres’. The documentary is based on the light-weight plane voyage beginning with the test flights of the three newly constructed Tecnam aircraft taking-off at Italy and culminating with the welcoming party after the successful landing on the Lithuanian ground. The video can be found on the BAA Training ’s web-channel via:

The first part of the documentary shows the pilots’ activities from the day one. The 2000 kilometres trip begins by signing the documents for the newly obtained BAA Training’s Tecnam aircraft and conducting all appropriate checks. The technical work is followed by the actual start of the flights – the viewer is able to enjoy the Italian landscape views directly from the pilot’s cabin shot by 2 cameras. The first day concludes with the landing at the interim station in Gradec aerodrome, Slovenia.

‘The light-weight aircraft flight covering 2000 kilometres has been a real challenge even for the experienced pilots. After a few route adjustments that helped to cut the journey by a few hundred of flight kilometres, everything went according to the plan. This voyage proved that the everyday opportunity to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of nature from the skies above is what makes the pilot job worth all the invested effort,’ commented Robertas Svabauskas, a Pilot – Ground Instructor at BAA Training.

‘A pilot’s life has been always described as adventurous, romantic and dynamic so by this documentary we wanted to share the opportunity to see how everything looks in reality. Anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a pilot will get the chance to make sure if this profession truly is what they are looking for‘, said Goda Januskeviciute, Communications Director at BAA Training.

The second part of the documentary to come out on the 1st of June will cover the 3 planes’ trip to the final destination – Aleksotas aerodrome in Lithuania. The entire documentary delineates the flight covering 2000 kilometres and crossing 6 countries – Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania. Every single day will begin and end with the exclusive pilot – instructor Peter Moysidis’ commentaries on daily plans, kilometres expected to conquer and the challenges already faced.

The three two-seat, low-wing light aircraft Tecnam 2002 had been appointed to the flight training of ab initio students at BAA Training which started on the beginning of May.

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