Aviation Webinar - BAA TrainingOn the 4th of June, aviation training centre BAA Training launches webinar during which the program of Airline Transport Pilot License will be explained in detail covering such aspects as its benefits, the process of training, subjects being taught and possible career opportunities.

To get an exclusive access to the webinar ‘From 0 to ATPL‘, please register at http://www.baatraining/.com/webinar/. Invitation to the webinar will be sent to all the registered participants a few hours before live webinar broadcast.

‘Aviation is a complex industry and it requires the series of secure decisions – we hope that with a help of our webinars the way to aviation career will become much easier. What aviation training program best fits your needs, what are the main benefits, how the process of the course looks like – these questions should be answered even before you start your studies. This time BAA Training will provide detailed information about ATPL course – the fastest way from 0 to airline transport pilot license,’ said Vytautas Jankauskas, Project Manager at BAA Training.

The goal of BAA Training’s webinars is to provide information on the initial pilot training. The content of presentation is created for people of various ages who are considering of becoming a commercial pilot.

Webinar entitled ‘From 0 to ATPL: how does it look like?’ will be released on 4th of June at 17:00 UTC / GMT + 3:00.

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