BAA Training

During BAA Training event visitors will have an opportunity to receive useful information about pilot training programs, stages of the candidates’ selection, medical requirements for pilots, career opportunities and its perspectives as well participate in entertaining tasks which will help to strengthen their knowledge in aviation field. The prepared tasks will deepen the knowledge in what should been known and done before becoming a pilot, how to make a radio communication with Air Traffic Control Tower, what theoretical exams are passed during airline pilot license program.

‘The easiest way to get answers about pilot profession is to try your abilities sitting in a real seat of student pilot. Collecting the information, discussing in forums is undoubtedly necessary for everyone who is considering pilot profession. However, the biggest aim of BAA Training is to reveal the everyday life of our academy’s students – it will be a great experience which will show all the features of aviation training. After this event the participant should decide if it is still his vocation or no longer’, commented Agata Pradedovic, Training Project Manager.

Throughout BAA Training’s event participants will have an opportunity to communicate with current students who will share their personal impressions and studying experience.

During BAA Doors open days BAA Training will grant an opportunity to win a flight with Tecnam 2002JF and Cessna 172s.

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