Webinar on English proficiency in aviationAviation training centre BAA Training continues its webinar series by presenting a new footage entitled ‘Speak English – Fly Safe’. The webinar investigates most frequent miscommunication situations occurring in the cockpit due to a lack of proficiency in English. The footage will be released on the 28th of November at 12:00 UTC/GMT and will be accessible to all registered participants.

BAA Training approached its instructors in order to collect a list of the most common cockpit confusions caused by a lack of fluency in English. Examples include situations happening both during a training session and during a real flight, such as confusion of specific aviation terms or names of numbers. The collected data has been turned into short simulated videos presenting the issue.

‘English was made the common language of world aviation in 1951. However, many pilots or air traffic controllers are not native-speakers and have to master not only a second language, but ‘Aviation English’ in particular. Sometimes, even a high level of English may be insufficient, especially when specific situations such as miscommunication due to linguistic factors occur. Our webinar seeks to demonstrate why it is obligatory to have an appropriate level of English for those working in an international aviation environment. Viewers will also have the opportunity to post questions and comments they might consider worthy of deliberating on’, commented Virginija Dudenaite, Project Manager at BAA Training.

‘Speak English – Fly Safe’ is a part of the ongoing webinar series presented by BAA Training. Previous webinars investigated topics such as a challenging training session and the significance of crew resource management. This year’s webinar cycle will be closed with a topic of line training in the middle of December.

BAA Training has been recently addressing the English proficiency issue by a sequence of actions including a special training program for Russian-speaking students with an additional English language course starting in January, 2013.

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