BAA Training - Learing SessionOn the 7-8th of September aviation training centre BAA Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) organizes a learning session taking place in Spain for pilots-beginners. Series named ‘Pilot Talks. BAA Training Seminars & Workshops in Barcelona and Madrid’ will provide useful information such as finding a job in an airline, the latest airline news and face-to-face interviews with potential employers. Representative Gianfranco Giaccetti, Director of Flight Operations at Spanish airline Volotea, will take part in the session by presenting a theme on how to get the job in the airlines.

Free of charge seminars will be devoted for pilots who are looking for their first jobs. Theoretical part will include questions how to select an aircraft type, what to look for while choosing a type rating provider and how to prepare for an airline job interview. Throughout the workshop sessions the attendees will try to implement theory in practice, such as create a CV proper for sending it to the airlines for a job interview as well as simulate an interview with an employer.

‘The idea to produce the learning session for pilots has aroused from the comprehension that Spanish aviation market is very competitive at the moment and requires the series of good decision for the pilots to be successful in it. The goal of these learning sessions is not only to give the theoretical knowledge of the aviation market but also to help assimilating the new information by carrying out prepared tasks during the workshop. Participants will have an opportunity to hear the advice and to get answers directly from representative of Volotea, who will explain how the pilot should behave to land his first job ‘, commented Ausra Garuckaite, Self-Sponsored Pilot Manager at BAA Training.

Registration runs by the address till the 6th of September.  The number of seats is limited, so the additional selection process may be applied due to the high participants’ number.

The seminars and workshops in Barcelona will take place at AC Hotel Irla hotel by the address c/Calvet 40. The session starts at 12:00 on the 7th of September.

Those willing to attend the seminars and workshops in Madrid are awaited at the location of Compostela Suites by the address c/Zambrana 4. The session starts at 12:00 on the 8th of September.

BAA Training will continue producing seminars for pilots – beginners in other European countries. Until 2013, the training centre plans to launch seminars and workshops in Italy, France, United Kingdom, Portugal and Sweden.

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