BAA Training - Crew Resources ManagemntBAA Training continues its webinar cycle by investigating another aviation-related topic – Crew Resource Management (CRM) training. The webinar entitled ‘Importance of CRM Course in Aviation Training’ will be released on the 24th of October at 11:00 AM UTC/GMT time and will be accessible to all registered participants.

Problems caused by regular factors such as Captains’ fatigue and First Officers’ fear to take over the control, rush in making decisions and miscommunication among crew members are incorporated into three videos, shot in a full flight simulator and briefing room, which all will be presented during the webinar. Each negative situation is illustrated with an example of how it could have been avoided if the techniques covered during an effective Crew Resource Management (CRM) course had been followed.

‘A Crew Resource Management course is best communicated when analysing practical situations rather than juggling theoretical assumptions. That is why we decided to approach Dainuole Bartasuniene, our Crew Resource Management instructor, who helped us compose short scenarios addressing the most relevant issues, such as attention concentration and crew cooperation. Moreover, we presented simple examples of how such problems could have been prevented. A pre-made footage enables viewers to rewind, and, if needed, watch certain bits repeatedly as well as post any questions or comments they might consider worthy of deliberating more upon,’ commented Virginija Dudenaite, Self-Sponsored Pilot Manager at BAA Training.

‘Importance of CRM Course in Aviation Training’ is a part of the brand new webinar series presented by BAA Training. The next webinar will examine the importance of English language skills in aviation and will be released at the end of November. BAA Training will also present a special CRM-related topic in the 2nd Annual International Cabin Safety Conference arranged by (L/D) max Aviation Safety Group which will take place in Amsterdam on the 23rd-25th of October. The presentation entitled ‘CRM Training: Issues You Didn’t Know About Your Air Company’ will be given on the last day of the conference.

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