BAA TrainingAviation training centre BAA Training plans to accept 140% more Ab Initio students for the next school year starting from September 2012. Flight Training Organization (FTO) Baltic Aviation Academy - Flight Training Organizationincreased capabilities to accept 28 new students, which in total will result in 48 Ab Initio students on 2012 September season.

Throughout 2012 BAA Training Ab Initio School has expanded its capacities including fleet, premises and training personnel to ensure high standard of training while meeting the demand of growing number of students. On 7 March Ab Initio School moved from BAA Training headquarters to the bigger premises in the territory of Vilnius airport, in Lithuania. In March 2012 the aircraft fleet was also supplemented by three two-seat, low-wing  light aircrafts Tecnam 2002, which will be started to be used from April for the flight trainings.

Currently 20 students from such countries as France, Italy, Kenya, Lithuania, Netherlands, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine study at BAA Training’s Ab Initio School. The training process is being conducted by 7 ground and flight instructors. The school offers private pilot license (PPL), commercial pilot license (CPL), The Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) modular and integrated courses, including distant computer-based study modules. Ab Initio training programs are being adapted individually to the candidates considering presumable potentiality and possibilities.

“Since the aviation industry after the recession is constantly growing, youth interest in this area began to increase as well. One of the reasons why people, who want to fulfill their dream to become a pilot, choose us is our flexible policy to find out the strength and possibilities of the candidate and to offer him the most suitable program, which will ensure an efficient studying process. For one it might be a distant learning module to study after work, for the other – intensive 2 year training to faster move to the commercial airliner cockpit. Besides, international variety of nationalities gives a possibility to integrate into an international environment whilst improving the aviation English and general English language skills during the studies. Therefore, we are happy that the name of BAA Training speaks for itself for high standard trainings“, commented Indre Sveistryte, Director of Flight Training Organization at BAA Training.

“It is interesting to get in touch with other cultures and languages as our group is formed from various nationalities. Instructors are very patient and willing to help you out with understanding problems of the material. I would definitely recommend BAA to others. As I experienced till this day it is the best value for your investment”, commented ATPL student Stephan van Leeuwen from the Netherlands.

A candidate to pilot trainings must be at least 18 years old, have a secondary school graduation diploma and a valid Class 1 medical certificate. BAA Training also organizes professional competence evaluation, which consists of psychological test, structural interview and practical tasks.

After two years of development, the current pilot candidate selection model of BAA Training Initial Pilot Training School (FTO) was created with reference to a research with 4 pilots and 4 first officers. While using profiling methods conducted with the best-performing pilots, thinking and reasoning, behavioral traits and occupational interests were found as the key characteristics of assessing potential top performing pilots among young graduates.

The admission for September 2012 study groups at BAA Training starts on 2 April.

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