The aviation training centre BAA Training has confirmed its plans to create a documentary entitled ‘3 Planes – 6 Countries – 2400 Kilometres’ which will commemorate the light-weight plane flight from Italy to Lithuania. The actual filming is to be started on the 8th of May when the 3 newly constructed Tecnam test flights will be launched in Italy. The filming crew will use its cameras after the aircraft touch the ground in the Aleksotas airfield in Lithuania.

During the filming of the documentary the Tecnam airplanes will cover 2400 kilometres and cross 6 countries – Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and Lithuania. Every single day will begin and end with exclusive pilot commentaries covering daily plans, expected kilometres to conquer and the challenges already faced.

‘This amazing journey is full of challenges hence the film idea itself was born out of an initiative to introduce aviation enthusiasts not only with breath-taking views from the skies above but also the things that remain ‘behind the scenes’, in the pilot cockpit. The film will allow its viewers to take a closer look at the pilot’s profession and the peculiarities of the day-to-day pilot tasks. The journey itself and the team of 4 people will be honoured with a solemn greeting at the airfield in Lithuania,’ commented the Director for Communications at BAA Training Goda Januskeviciute.

The three two-seat, low-wing light aircraft Tecnam 2002 will be introduced to the ab initio students of BAA Training for flight training in May. It reflects the consistent expansion of the BAA Flight Training Organization capacities including fleet, facilities and training personnel aimed at ensuring the highest standard of training while meeting the demand of the growing number of students.

BAA Training invites everyone passionate about aviation to contribute to the process of creating the documentary by sending in their questions that can be answered by the pilots-instructors during the documentary. This can be done by emailing at by the 7th of May.

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