BAA Training - Open Doors DayOn the 2nd of February the aviation training centre BAA Training (Lithuania, Vilnius) will be holding its second international open door day event at its headquarters in Vilnius. The event entitled ‘Enough Playing Games! Time to Become a Real Pilot!’ welcomes people interested in becoming professional pilots.

The event will focus on presenting all the pros and cons of the pilots’ profession, different training programs to get from Zero to an Airline Pilot, entry requirements for applicants and the demand for pilots in various European countries. Moreover, its organizers will initiate and encourage a live discussion on the daily routine of a student pilot. The participants will be also taken on an in-detailed excursion round the BAA Training’s training centre and invited to take part in a fire fighting challenge on a real fire fighting trainer. Finally, they will get an exciting opportunity to manoeuvre a flight on an Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulator.

‘It is a unique chance to not only get acquainted with the pilot’s profession and study programs but also  to learn more about the studying processes and the lifestyle of a pilot-student directly from the people who work ‘behind the scenes’. Do you want to find out more about training programs? An instructor will be able to explain everything in much more detail than a career councillor. Or maybe you have a wish to discuss the ways of becoming a pilot with the ones who have been successful in the selection process? Our students are more than glad to share their experience with the people who have the same passion regardless from which part of the world they come,’ said Agata Pradedovic, a Training Project Manager at BAA Training’s Ab Initio school.

The open Door Day starts at 11:30 AM. All the ‘pilot wannabes’ are more than welcome to sign up for attending the event until the 1st of February via the academy’s website:

If you need any help in finding you the best plane, bus or train routes, do not hesitate to contact us at Please specify “Ab Initio Open Door” in the subject.

Students from Italy, France, Holland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine currently study at BAA Training’s Ab Initio school. Ab Initio programs offered range from Private Pilot License (PPL) studies to Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) courses and additional programmes to move the person with no previous aviation experience to the pilots’ seat in the shortest time possible.

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