On the 28th of June the aviation training centre BAA Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) will hold a seminar for pilots-beginners in Saint Petersburg, Russia. During the seminar its participants will receive valuable pilot profession-related information from aviation professionals who will cover such topics as the requirements for pilot candidates, candidate assessment process and tips and tricks on how to be successful in the professional future.

The seminar is a part of BAA Trainings organized lecture cycle “Pilot Talks”, taking place in Warsaw, Poland; Madrid, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; Milan, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Saint Petersburg, Russia; Vilnius, Lithuania, and Stockholm, Sweden, till December 2012.  The first BAA Training’s learning session entitled ‘Can you become a pilot? Do your homework before choosing a Flight School’ was organized in Moscow on May 24th and gathered 27 participants.

‘The Russian youth interested in pilot’s profession usually are really well educated – some of them already hold university degrees, often in engineering or aircraft mechanics. However, we received a great number of questions in Moscow, which ranged from the differences of medical requirements in Europe and Russia to the particularities of a pilot’s everyday life. We are very pleased with an entirely positive feedback from the Moscow event attendees and committed to keeping up our high standards  during the seminar for pilots-beginners in Saint Petersburg,’ commented Marius Brazys, the FTO Sales Project Manager at BAA Training.

‘During this particular seminar not only we received detailed answers to our questions, but also made our minds up about becoming pilots. Now we feel that we have the sufficient knowledge to choose the most suitable aviation training program and are aware of the personal skills that still are in need of improvement,’ commented Alexey and Stanislav, seminar participants from Moscow.

Registration for attending in the seminar can be conducted via the email info@baatraining.com.

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