Qatar Cabin Crew AdmissionOn behalf of Qatar Airways, BAA Training is looking for cabin crew members. The initial assessment, gathering participants from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, during which 100 finalists will be selected, is to be conducted on the 9th-10th of February, 2013, in Vilnius, Lithuania. The additional selection for Belarus residents due to time needed to acquire the visas will be conducted on the 24th of February. 100 selected candidates will be invited to the second round, conducted by the airline on the 24th-25th of February, 2013 in Vilnius. The airline will offer three year open-ended contract for the cabin crew positions based in Doha, State of Qatar.

This is the second campaign of Qatar Airways admission in the Baltic States and Poland, conducted by BAA Training. On October 2012, the aviation personnel training center scanned more than 500 applicants and led 83 of them to the airlines‘interview, more than 10 of which were proposed with job opportunities.

Qatar Airways‘cabin crew has been voted “Best in the Middle East” for an unprecedented seven years running in 2009. Being named Skytrax’s Airline of the Year for the past two years, retained Skytrax’s Five Star ranking since 2004 and awarded as Business Traveler USA’s Best Airline for International Travel and Aviation Business’ Airline of the Year 2011, the airline currently serves destinations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent, Asia Pacific and America with a modern fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

“We are delighted that an ability to travel and avoid boring nine to five routine attracted a number of qualified candidates to BAA Training‘s organized Qatar Airways cabin crew recruitment days last Autumn. The candidates ranged from young lawyers and nurses to 50-year olds, wishing to pursue their lifetime dreams and become stewards and stewardesses. Due to relatively small aviation markets, there is a small demand for cabin crew positions in the Baltic States. We are glad to have an answer for all those, enquiring us when the upcoming Qatar Airways cabin crew selection will be conducted. BAA Training hopes that during the 5 years term of current agreement there will be even more joint recruitment campaigns in the region“, commented Egle Vaitkeviciute, Chief Executive Officer at BAA Training. „

“The aircraft may place several hundred passengers. One might have problems in getting up early, the other one worries for the upcoming business meeting, the third one maybe has a fear of flight. The work of the cabin crew is not only smiling, pouring coffee, travelling and looking great, but also helping the passengers – from a timely word to save their day to helping in the emergency situations. Positiveness, empathy, communicativeness, quick reaction, intelligence and an ability to quickly learn technical subjects are the additional qualities crucial for a successful team member“, commented Jurgita Baleviciene, ex-senior cabin attendant and current Quality Manager and Cabin Crew Training Instructor at BAA Training.

To apply for Qatar Airways cabin crew position, the applicants are invited to send the CV in English (date of birth has to be mentioned) along with the full length and passport size photographs to the email till the 8th of February 2013. The initial assessment will be conducted on the 9th-10th of February in Vilnius, BAA Training premises (Dariaus ir Gireno st. 21). Qualities needed for initial assessment include minimum 12 years of higher education with fluency in written and spoken English, customer service oriented personality and previous airline, customer service, nursing or hospitality experience as an advantage.

The survey, conducted by BAA Training in 2011, revealed that most popular reasons for choosing the cabin crew position were: opportunity of travelling, lack of routine and an ability to interact with interesting personalities, including famous football players or a president. Due to BAA Training‘s calculations, those who stay in a position for a year, usually stay for a longer airline career. Around 70% of the first year-passing cabin crew work in a field more than 5 years. 7 to 10 years might be the margins when more attention is tend to be paid to family and standard working hours.

According to Boeing‘s 2011 Current Market Outlook analysis, a $4 trillion market for new aircraft over the next 20 years projected with a significant increase in forecasted deliveries. The company’s annual commercial aviation market analysis foresees a market for 33,500 new passenger airplanes and freighters between 2011 and 2030. Direct demand for jobs forecasted to come to serve new aircrafts required. Some 3 to 10 cabin crews are needed to fully serve one new aircraft inducted.

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