On the 30th of June the aviation training centre BAA Training organized its first international open door day event in the Darius and Girenas aerodrome in Kaunas. The event entitled ‘Mission: Pilot’ welcomed guests not only from across various Lithuanian cities but also from Spain, Russia, Estonia and Latvia.

During the event all BAA Training guests were introduced to the facts from the daily pilots’ lives and the differences between distinct training programs. A lot of them also embraced the opportunity to communicate with the actual professional pilots who were more than happy to share their experience and tips on how to speed up the process of completing one’s mission to become a pilot.

‘This open door day turned out to be a great success. Its participants not only had the chance to find out more about the training opportunities at BAA Training, but could also take a closer look at its flying base. The attendees were given the opportunity to actually observe how the academy’s students practice flying, interact with real-life flight instructors and hear more about the entire training process directly from the academy students and training professionals. The prevailing discussion topics included the real reasons why the existing students had chosen to study at BAA Training, the actual challenges awaiting students during training and the moment when a young pilot gets to operate a flight by himself for the very first time and finally fully realizes that the hard work he has put in brings about actual results,’ shared her experience from the event Agata Pradedovic, the Training Project Manager at BAA Training.

‘During the event I was stunned by how friendly the BAA Training students and staff actually were – my every question was followed by a detailed, well thought-through and sincere answer. The entire open door day program was capturing and competently organized,’ said Dmitrij Erankin, a participant from Latvia.

The open door day event culminated in the announcement of the day’s competition winner who was awarded the opportunity to fly in the academy-owned ‘Tecnam’ aircraft.

The footage from the BAA Training open door day event can be found by clicking onto: http://on.fb.me/RbvRZd

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