Aviation webinar

http://www.baatraining.com/webinar/ BAA Training‘s webinar is dedicated for a person who is thinking about pilot profession. Webinar will help rethinking reason which motivate person to get pilot’s license, weighting the pros and the cons, considering factors attracting to the job and making reasoned actions.

‘What distinct successful pilot versus the unsuccessful ones? How can you tell one is a top performer? Looking from wider perspective personal skills and stress management often determines how humans behave in the critical situations what cannot be forgotten in the expanding XXI century aviation. From personal side – it can be seen as a prevention of investment, strength and time in a case of a failure’, said Ausra Garuckaite, Project Manager at BAA Training.

BAA Training‘s Flight Training Organization pilot candidate selection model was created from a research with 4 pilots and 4 first officers.  While using profiling methods conducted with the best-performing pilots, thinking and reasoning, behavioural traits and occupational interests were found as the key characteristics of assessing potential top performing pilots among young graduates.

The series of live educational webinars intend to uncover the aspects of choosing an aircraft type, composing the training program, performing during the trainings, forecasting the demand for vacancies and entering the job market. Live webinars are presented by BAA Training personnel.

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