On the 6th of January BAA Training released a video covering the differences between Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 cockpits. The video, presented by a BAA Training ATPL integrated student contains a comparison study of B737 and A320 control devices, cockpit, engine failure control and comfort. The video is accessible via www.bit.ly/airbusboeing.

According to BAA Training internal statistics,7000 of all analyzed inquiries regarding training opportunities received throughout the year 2011, 20% of the upcoming pilots knew exactly what type of aircraft they were going to select; however, 80% of them were undecided and had 2 or more aircraft types under consideration.

“Both of the aircraft types have their own advantages and the choice depends on particular expectations. Airbus presents the era of technology – the A320 is often chosen by young pilots as it is more easily comprehended. On the other hand, Boeing 737 is an aircraft that allows you to feel what it is like to be a pilot in control of the metal bird in the sky”, said Vytautas Stankevicius, Head of Training at  and the owner of both, Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 licenses.

Boeing and Airbus aircraft manufacturers are currently the strongest competitors in the aviation market. The two most successful commercial jet aircraft families in history, Boeing‘s 737 and Airbus‘ A320 define the substructure of the commercial aviation industry. According to the Centre for Aviation, these two aircraft families account for over 10,000 aircraft built over the last 40 years. More than a half of them were manufactured in the past decade. Both, B737 and A320 aircraft are medium-range, narrow body and can accommodate from 110 to 220 passengers.

BAA Training produces documentaries on various aviation trainings, interviews with pilots, webinars based on pilot demand, etc. The entire video material can be accessed via www.youtube.com/marketingbaa

If you can think of any particular aviation topic worth covering in a video , please let us know by emailing BAA Training at ideas@baatraining.com.

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