BAA TrainingAviation training centre BAA Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) improves training by integrating iPad into the process of the type rating program. The tablet will be implemented in Ab Initio, Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 ground and flight trainings.

Recently purchased tablets will assist type rating students using Computer Based Training online and offline, studying all the training material as QRH, FCOM and etc., navigating Jepessen charts maps in a practical part of the training, checking training schedules. Ab initio school students will also use iPad for Computer Based Training containing progress bank, tests and literature. Flight preparations by planning route will be included in iPad applications.

‘In this age of advancements through technology, a lot of the so called “smart” gadgets come in handy in making our daily lives that little bit easier. Aviation industry has long been in the front lines of the technological progress. We believe that utilizing the digital age technologies will not only make training more efficient and effective but also it will minimize additional costs and ease the process of learning material updates,‘ commented  Dainius Meilunas, Deputy Head of Training.

iPads are replacing the standard flight cases carried by pilots. These contained a large number of paper-based aircraft manuals and operational documents and could weigh up to 50 pounds each when fully loaded. The introduction of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) instead of a standard one lifted the weight not only from the shoulders of pilots, but also from the cabins of airplanes which, based on rough estimates,  can save an airline up to $1.2 million on fuel annually.

BAA Training releases offers suggesting type rating trainings with iPad for a gift. Package also includes the full – access to Computer Based Training (CBT) for a one year which is valid until the next years License Proficiency Check. If you are interested

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