Whether the aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) market will reach the ICF SH&E-forecasted $76 billion point in 2021 or not, industry experts unanimously agree that the overall scope of aircraft maintenance sector worldwide will certainly surpass its current $48-50 billion value. Even though new generation aircraft require less technical support, the global demand for the MRO specialists is constantly increasing due to the growing number of aircraft as well as the accelerating retirement of the current aircraft specialists’ generation. The situation mirrors that prominent in the pilot market as MROs tend to increasingly seek the assistance of aviation-related recruitment agencies in order to gain access to the global specialists’ pool.

‘While the airline industry has an extensive experience with their already well-established screening and crew resourcing procedures all over the world, the majority of MRO companies has so far felt no need to look for new talent abroad, since they have been able to satisfy their demand locally. However, subject to new aircraft deliveries, as well as the introduction of the new generation aircraft accompanied by the aging current generation fleet, the demand for MRO services has seen a rocketing increase. Naturally, due to such fortunate market conditions, MRO companies have expanded their capabilities thus increasing the demand for MRO specialists,’ commented the CEO of AviationCV.com Skaiste Knyzaite.

According to the recent Boeing forecast, in less than 20 years’ time the world will require as many as 650,000 new technical maintenance specialists, meaning that over 34 thousand of new MRO specialists should enter the job market annually in order to ensure smooth industry’s development. However, maintenance organizations are already experiencing the shortage today. For that reason, many of them decide to seek for personnel outside their country.

‘Actually, MRO companies turn to us for help with personnel recruitment not only for their main technical stations in the country of origin, but also for their distant ones. Aviation-related recruitment agencies have an extensive knowledge in finding a professional who would meet both the employer’s expectations and the local CAA’s requirements thus lifting the burden from the MROs which would otherwise be in need of organizing and conducting local personnel search on their own. Recruitment agencies such as AviationCV.com provide full support related to the resourcing of any MRO specialist. They take care of the negotiation process, resolve all license check and documentation-related issues, as well as assist aircraft engineers and technicians with transport, housing and even family-accommodation,’ commented Skaiste Knyzaite.

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