Aerial Power Grid Inspection Expert to Speak at Asian Utility WeekMantas Vaskela CEO of Laserpas, a company providing aerial power grid inspection services, will present the differences between inspections using manned helicopters and UAVs. The lecture will take place at Asian Utility Week in Bangkok, Thailand on 27-28 June 2018.
With utility companies turning towards condition-based rather than time-based asset management, distributors and operators are facing difficult decisions when choosing the best aerial inspection method. Currently, drones seem to be a hot topic in an aerial inspection. A major concern right now is whether or not drone technology can economically provide data.Mantas Vaskela CEO of Laserpas

Mr. Vaskela will present a case study from Laserpas on an inspection performed in Romania. During the case study, the Laserpas team was able to accurately assess the differences between using manned helicopters and UAVs.  The presentation will touch on Laserpas’s experience with using both types of inspection methods in a similar region and what they have found to be the most effective method of inspection at this point in time.

Laserpas is an aerial inspection service for power grids. With LiDAR services alongside nadir, oblique, and thermal cameras, Laserpas performs airborne electrical scannings that can provide clients with unparalleled data regarding the conditions of power lines and corridor spans. Laserpas has received international recognition for innovation due to the internet platform in which they conveniently deliver data to clients.

Asian Utility Week, credited with being the leading digital utility expo in the southeast region of Asia, is set to host more than 3 500 utility professionals from the electricity, gas, and water sectors. This exposition will focus on innovation in the delivery of digital utility services for enterprises and customers.


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