BAA TrainingAviation training centre BAA Training (Vilnius, Lithuania) has recently released its one hundredth video. The video features the company’s employees who are greeting the viewers with the upcoming festive season.

BAA Training’s videos take the form of webinars and cover the newest and most relevant aviation issues, innovations in the aviation training sector, views of aviation training professionals and snapshots from the academy’s’ inside life. The most popular videos demonstrate various emergency situations (such as engine failure, ditching, system work peculiarities, etc.) which are accompanied by tutorials instructing on the best practices to deal with the relevant issues. BAA Training launches a new video on its official ‘Youtube’ channel ( every week. The videos have already attracted more than 1500000 viewers and the channel boasts around 5900 subscriptions.

‘Visual materials have become a very important information source: it is easily absorbed, entertaining and contains useful data. The latest video making trend is supported by other industries requiring accuracy (i.e. medicine, marine life studies, etc.) as it has proven to significantly increase work effectiveness and reduce the chances of human error. BAA Training team creates videos which invite aviation fans, beginners and students to explore the processes and operations which take place inside the cockpit’, said Goda Januskeviciute, the Communications Director at Baltic Aviation Academy.

BAA Training encourages to join this video project by expressing your ideas with regard to new aviation topics which might interest you by e-mailing your suggestions to or by leaving a comment at

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